Body Centered Leadership Event
Lake Tahoe, CA
April 12-16, 2018
Dr. John Amaral
BCL Founder
Congratulations on your commitment to take your life to the next level... yet again!

Christina and I are excited to meet up with you at beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA
for the upcoming Body Centered Leadership event!

You're about to experience a weekend of sessions and processes that will up-level the way you use the energy within and around you to create your most effortless and energy-rich reality! 

You'll experience how easily things can flow (no matter how challenging your current circumstances might seem) when you are in-sync with/one-with your body and the universal rhythms, energies and consciousness organizing your life.

On the following pages you'll be guided through a simple 3-step process to complete your registration for the event:

Step 1. Enter your contact information.
Step 2. Provide payment information.
Step 3. Agree to terms & conditions.

After completing the sign-up you'll receive an email confirmation, and you'll be sent additional event logistics as the event approaches. 

We're looking forward to seeing you in Lake Tahoe!

With love,

John & Christina
See you in...
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